NFT Scammers Get Innovative with Latest Elaborate Trickery

A word of alerting to those in the NFT gathering game, the shady underbelly of fraudsters and con artists continues to expand its creativity. For that reason, using levels of skulduggery and subterfuge the likes of which boggle the mind.


NFT scammers

In her newest thread, self-professed mindful collector, Jennie Cute Cat, explains how she was hoodwinked by means of a sophisticated NFT fraud. As a result, losing around 0.6 ETH ($1700) in funds, however coming away a bit more careful and a degree better following the occurrence.

In what comes as a truly smart move, Jennie chose to follow the deals of NFT influencers instead of listening to their silken words. To do this, she established an alert system on icy.tool which would inform her of any activity.

As a result, an alert triggered from someone on her list of highly regarded collectors, and Jennie jumped in to investigate. What she found was an evident ‘stealth drop’ for a Louis Vuitton collection with a massive 26 ETH flooring. Following a mint link, she located the drop, conference with an accessibility tracker rapidly counting down to absolutely no. Letting the FOMO get the much better of her, Jennie then snapped up 5 NFTs for 0.12 each.

Shortly afterwards, the dread set in. The transactions didn’t appear on OpenSea, and the NFTs noteworthy for their lack. She was the victim of an extravagant tactic, hooked by those making use of members who read between the transactions. The good news is, Jennie performed herself through a designated hot wallet, and the damage limited to what she had actually spent. Others however, were not so lucky.

As an outcome, an alert activated from someone on her list of reputable collectors, and Jennie leapt in to examine. Letting the FOMO get the better of her, Jennie then snapped up 5 NFTs for 0.12 apiece.

The transactions didn’t reveal up on OpenSea, and the NFTs notable for their lack.

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